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issue 44 cover story

了解不一样的 Pepamack


Q: Any restaurant in Sydney you are loving lately?

A: Cho cho San, Marrys Burgers, Ragazzi.

Q: At the cover shoot, we were all amazed at your body shape, how do you manage to keep so fit?
在封面拍摄时,我们都感叹于你的惊人 身材,你是如何保持如此身材的呢?

A: That’s so kind, thank you! I love going on long daily walks with my dog and doing reformer Pilates. I also love regularly going to an infrared sauna. Just staying active in general. But It’s important to acknowledge that it is mostly genetics, so I was lucky in that way.
谢谢你,过奖了!其实我每天都会带着我 的狗狗出去遛弯,也会做普拉提的核心 床。同时我还会定期去红外线桑拿。其实 就是日常保持活跃和一定的运动量。但必 须承认的是,遗传因素的占比也很重,我 在这方面算是很幸运的。

Q: As a fashion influencer, what do you think is the most trending fashion look right now?
作为一位时尚博主,你觉得目前最流行的时尚潮流是什么 呢?

A: I think right now it’s about embracing your own personal style what works for you! Whether that is bold colours, quiet luxury or oversized masculine looks, I love seeing how people put they’re on spin on a trend.
我觉得目前时尚潮流其实是应该保留并拥抱自己的独特个 人风格 —— 知道什么是适合你自己的!我超级喜欢看大 家是如何将自己的想法融入潮流之中的,不管是大胆的色 彩、老钱风亦或是 Oversized 硬朗的风格。

Q: Favourite Shoe Brand?

A: Jimmy Choo is a brand I always go back to. Their shoes are so flattering and some of the most comfortable heels I own.
Jimmy Choo 是我一直会回购的品牌。他家的鞋子超级别 致,同时也是我拥有的最舒服的高跟鞋之一。

Q: Favourite Fashion Brand?

A: For me it would have to be Prada. I love what Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons have been creating together. I was lucky enough to attend their show in Milan so seeing the collection on the runway was really inspiring.
对我来说那必须是Prada。Miuccia Prada 和 Raf Simons共同 创造的,真的都是我的心头爱。我非常幸运的参加了他们在米兰 举办的时装秀,在秀场上看到这个系列的时候,我受到了很大的 启发。

Q: Who is your current favourite fashion designer?

A: I have always loved Phoebe Philo and I am excited to see the direction she takes with her new brand. 我一直都很爱Phoebe Philo,所以我非常期待她自己品牌未来 的发展方向。

Q: What are the key elements to your latest fashion style?

A: I naturally gravitate to more masculine pieces, so lately I am trying to add more feminine touches to my everyday looks. Overall I like to keep my style quite classic with strong silhouettes and good quality fabrics. From there I add my own twist through styling and accessories.
我天生就偏爱有些男性化的单品,所以最近我在尝试在日常造型 中加入更多女性化元素。总的来说,我喜欢用硬朗的轮廓和优质 的面料来保持我的经典风格。在此基础上,我会通过造型和配饰 加入自己的特色。

Q: Favourite Jewelery Brand?

A: I have always loved Bulgari! I think they’re pieces will elevate any look and really take your outfit to the next level. I also love vintage jewelery. I have many special pieces that my grandmother has given me and I love mixing these with my new pieces.
我一直都爱着Bulgari宝格丽!我觉得宝格丽的珠宝首饰可以 提升任何一套穿搭,让你的造型更上一层楼。同时我也对中 古珠宝首饰情有独钟, 我拥有许多特别的首饰,它们都是我的 祖母传给我的,我特别喜欢将中古首饰与新款首饰混搭。

Q: What are your favourite pieces from this brand?

A: I love the whole Serpenti range. I personally have the ring and bracelet from this collection and I find it’s the perfect addition to any outfit. On the shoot we mixed yellow gold with white gold and I loved this way of styling the pieces.
我真的很爱Bulgari宝格丽的整个Serpenti系列。我自己拥有 Serpenti系列的戒指与手环,我觉得它们就宛如完美配饰, 可以与我任何一套穿搭的完美契合。在这次拍摄现场我们也 将黄金与白金的首饰混搭,我超级喜爱如此的造型搭配。

Q: What do you look for when purchasing Jewelries?

A: For me it’s about investing in something I will wear for many years to come. I gravitate to more bold designs that have a vintage feel to them.
对于我来说购置珠宝首饰也是一种投资,因为我将会在 接下来的数年穿戴它们。我天生偏爱一些更大胆的设 计,特别是还带些复古元素的。

Q: Any exciting news regarding Pepamack you would like to share with your followers?
有任何有关Pepamack的好消息,想与的的粉丝们分享 吗?

A: This cover shoot was a very exciting milestone for me. We had such a fun day on the shoot and I love how the images turned out. I will also be travelling back to Europe for Fashion Week at the end of September, so I am really excited to see all the new collections from my favourite designers.
这次封面拍摄对我来说是一个非常激动人心的里程碑。 我们在拍摄场地愉快的度过了一天,我也超喜爱这次最 终拍摄出来的效果。九月底,我还将回到欧洲参加时装 周,所以我非常期待能够看到我最喜欢的设计师们与他 们最新的系列。

Talent | Petra Mackova

Photographer / Steven Popovich

Stylist / Miwa Jiang

Makeup Artist / Steph Lai

Hair Stylist / Michael Brennan

Assistant Stylist | Ellen Ren

Assistant | Bonnie Zhang

Producer | Doris Ma & Miwa Jiang